Dentist Dr. med. dent. Susanne Wanke

Expert for insurances and courts

With Dr. Wanke our team is extended by a very experienced colleague in the areas of aesthetic corrections with composites and ceramics, fixed and removable dentures, and the treatment of anxiety patients.

Dr. Wanke has been working as a dentist in private practice since 1993, at Odeonsplatz in Munich since 2014 and in the Dental Team Dr. Hajtó since 2018.

She has completed a large number of further training courses, including:

  • Aesthetic dentistry: Prof. Klaiber,Prof.Vanini, PDHugo
  • All-ceramic restorations: Prof. Edelhoff, Prof. Reich, Prof. Balkenhol, Prof. Walther, Prof. Pröbster, Prof. Beuer, Prof. Kunzelmann, Prof. Kern, Prof. Mörmann
  • Conservative dentistry: Prof. Staehle, Prof. Meyer, Prof. Roulet, Prof. Hannig, Prof. Attin
  • Geriatric dentistry: Prof. Schröder Zürich, Prof. Stark Würzburg
  • Periodontology: Prof. Kleinfelder-Nijmgen NL, Prof. Jepsen, Prof. Sculean, Prof. Papanou, Prof. Dörfer, Prof. Karring, Prof. Schlagenhauf, Prof. Rateitschak, Prof. Eickholz, Prof. Flemming
  • Prophylaxis: Prof. Hellwig, Prof. Lussi Bern
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery: Orofacialer Schmerz:Prof. Türp, Prof. De Boewer
  • Complex rehabilitation (orthodontics, conservative surgery, prosthetics): Prof. Lisson
  • Implantology: Prof. Lauer, Prof. Neukam, Prof. Kouri
  • Dental statistics: Prof Heners, Prof. Kerschbaum, Prof. Biffar, Prof. Tautenburg, Prof. Noack

Curriculum vitae

Approbation Universität des Saarlandes, med. Fakultät Homburg

1990 – 1993
Assistant doctor in the Department of Periodontology and Dental Conservation at the Dental Clinic of the University Hospitals Homburg

Doctorate on a topic in the field of periodontology

Establishment in own practice

1993 – 2003
Prophylaxis in kindergarden and schools

Member of „Karlsruher Konferenz“

Curriculum „implantology“ at Akademie Karlsruhe

Curriculum „Integrierte ZHK” at Akademie Karlsruhe

Court expert Saarland

Court expert Rheinland-Pfalz

Moderator training at AQUA – Institut Göttingen

Teacher and supervisor in retirement homes

Chief expert KZV des Saarlandes

Court expert Bavaria