Dentist Dr Anna D. Halves

Dr. Halves graduated from Private University of Witten/Herdecke Dental School in 2011 and obtained her doctoral degree in 2014. During her residencies in Wetter/Ruhr and Munich Dr Halves focused on improving her skills in microscope enhanced conservative dentistry, endodontics and minimally invasive procedures. Through this she was taught preciseness and learned to appreciate the value of magnification.

In the course of her career her interest in treating complex functional cases grew and she decided to attend the two year core curriculum „The Concept of Complete Care Dentistry“ of The Dawson Academy in 2015. This continuing education courses enabled her to develop a deep understanding of every single part oft he chewing system, including the jaw joints, the muscles and teeth.

In addition to the usual treatment procedures in functional therapy clear aligners are a valuable supplement. Sometimes functional problems can be treated with very small changes of the tooth position, simultaneously improving the esthetics. Small changes of tooth position in cases of complex rehabilitation also enables us to save valuable tooth structure.

We are happy that Dr Halves joined our team in July 2019 to support us in diagnosing and treating our patients with functional problems.

Curriculum vitae

State Examination in Dentistry of the University of Witten/Herdecke and license to practice dentistry in Germany.

2012 – 2014
Assistant doctor in the dental practice of Elisabeth Janson, Wetter .

Doctor’s degree (Dr. med. dent.) of the University of Witten/Herdecke.

2014 – 2016
Assistant doctor in the dental practice of Dres Schürkämper, Munich

2016 – 2018
Employed dentist in the private endodontic practice of Dr Christoph Kaaden, München

2018 – 2019
Employed dentist in the dental practice of Dr medic.-stom. Costin Marinescu, D.D.S., München

Since 3/2018
Employed dentist in the dental practice Relozahn MVZ, Geretsried

Since 7/2019
Employed dentist in the dental practice of Dr. Jan Hajtó, München

Continuing Education

National and international continuing education courses in the fields of microscope enhanced dentistry, endodontics, TMD and communication (NLP).

Curriculum Endodontie of DSGE

2015 – 2017
The Concept of Complete Dentistry Series, The Dawson Academy (Polen und USA)

Dawson Academy Alumni